Tree background only shows only as gray

I’ve created a tree that works well except that the background is grey. I’m using the default dhx_skyblue skin, which in the examples has a white background. I looked through the CSS file and all background settings are white. I set the parent div background color to white (#FFFFFF) in my own CSS. I also set“white”; in the Javascript. Nothing works. I’ve got to have this show white. Thanks.

Can not reproduce locally. If you have PRO version - provide us kust HTML file. If you have standard version - provide us completed demo, please. … leted_demo

Problem fixed. I set html body background color to white and tree changed to white background that I wanted. At least I believe that was the fix–I made several other formatting fixes at the same time. Thanks.

For correct work of the components we are always recommend default full settings for body (they can be verify dependeing on your app). They are the next:

html, body { background-color:#FFFFFF; height:100%; width:100%; padding:0; margin:0px; overflow:hidden; }