Tree doesn't support local json, big_data.json works, but load local data error

i have tried the sample of tree checkbox, it works, but when i change the load data of big_data.json file and jsonObject, only 1 of 2 works, and the console has nothing(warning or error message…)

and an uncaught error on the browser console:
Uncaught TypeError: a.match is not a function
at Object._dhxr (dhtmlx.js:9)
at Object._call (dhtmlx.js:9)
at Object.get (dhtmlx.js:9)
at window.(anonymous function).dhtmlXTreeObject._loadJSON (http://localhost:8081/sample/dhtmlxSuite_v51_pro/codebase/dhtmlx.js:9:702332)
at window.(anonymous function).dhtmlXTreeObject.load (http://localhost:8081/sample/dhtmlxSuite_v51_pro/codebase/dhtmlx.js:9:625424)
at doOnLoad (05_tree_checkboxes.html:22)
at onload (05_tree_checkboxes.html:30)

Please, try to define the root level id of your dhtmlxTree:

myTree = new dhtmlXTreeObject('treeboxbox_tree', '100%', '100%', "1-0-10"); //4th attribute is a root level id

in case of loading the data from the local object pleas,e try to use the parse(*) method instead of load():

			myTree.parse({id:'1-0-10', text:'level 2-1-0', item:[
							{id:'1-0-0',text:'level 3-1-0-0'},
							{id:'1-0-1',text:'level 3-1-0-1'},
							{id:'1-0-2',text:'level 3-1-0-2'},
							]}, "json")