Tree Grid can't sync with DataStore

We are trying to sync our treegrid with our datastore. What we did was to build a grid first, and sync it with datastore, which was working. And then we changed the column type of first column to “tree”, which was trying to change the grid to treegrid and sync the treegrid with datastore, but it was not working. Is there any way to solve this problem?
Here is the code with sample data.[code]


Unfortunately it’s not available to load the treegrid from a datastore.

This seems an old question, I need something similar. is it supported now?

Unfortunately it is still not supported.

Follow up to mayuri’s questions.
Is it possible to achieve the same functionality with combination of other components, like tree and grid with dataSource, or something like that.

You may use the dhtmlxDatastore in combination with the dhtmlxTree.
You can find the examples in your dhtmlxSuite package.