Tree Grid Changing Parent

Is there a way to move a node to another node anywhere in the tree?







Either move c2 underneath c1 or move c2 to parent2. I would like the ability to do both.

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TreeGrid can use moveRowTo method, to move row at any position in grid

>>move c2 underneath c1


>>move c2 to parent2


I notice that in terms of the dataprocessor it deletes the row and re-adds it under the new parent. Is there a way to just “move” it? Or am I going to have to do some special data processing to simulate this? There is a bunch of extra data with my grid items that does not display in the grid that I don’t want to lose because of a delete/insert.

The move operation in treegrid is really a combination of add|delete operation. But grid preserves all defined values and userdata.
If you need version of datapocessor which will treat row d-n-d as “update” operation - please contact us directly at - we will provide an updated js file ( it will not change the logic in grid, just the way how information synced with backend )