Tree Grid + Radio Buttons


I am adding rows to the tree gris with normal addRow() method. I have 3 columns with 3 radio buttons. I am storing it with the help of plain html inside the grid’s cell. I am setting the names and values of these buttons dynamically. And i need to send this data to the server side to save to the DB. I am fetching the names and values of the buttons like this…

if(document.form_name.type == “radio”)


if(name !=


var name = “”;

    name =;

    var e = document.getElementsByName(name);

    for(k=0; k<e.length;k++)



        stdList += name + “,” + e[k].value + “;”;        




It is working fine if the tree grid is in expanded state. But if the grid is in collapsed state, then the form is not recognizing the radio buttons, because of which I am not able to send the data to the server side. Please help me in this.



To fix this issue you should expand branch and after close it.