Tree height changes on it's own

I have a tree that is about four levels deep. I have limited screen space, so I have limited the size of the tree to a little over 200 pxs. Everything works fine until I click on a document on th fourth level and then the container expands vertically to fit the whole tree. I even tried resizeing the <div back to the original size in an OnClick event handler and it stayed expanded.

Can you give me a clue what to look for?


The issue wasn’t reproduced locally. Please provide any sample

I had an iframe directly underneath the <div that was displaying the tree.  I was hiding and displaying that iframe depending on what was selected in the iframe.  Apprently, when I would hide the iframe, it  would cause the tree <DIV to expand to fill the position.  it is a strange behaviour considering that it was ignoring the size specification in order to expand beyond them, but changing what I was doing with the iframe below underneath it seem to fix the problem.

thanks for your reply