Tree mode TimelineUnit folder 'open' param not working

I’m having a problem with the tree mode TimelineUnit folder open param not working. In my code, I am creating a TimelineUnit for the folder item and passing param value ‘false’, and the calendar still displays an open folder.

In addition, the ability to open and close each folder does not work on the calendar.

Please see the attached code snippet for a simple example with a test controller, and two models: departments with attached rooms. (844 Bytes)

seems like the problem happens due to duplication of IDs of a timeline tree sections.

The Departments and Rooms may have the same ids, e.g. items Department id=1 and Room id=1 will be loaded into the timeline as two items with equal key=1

Try adding some kind of prefix either to Department or to Room items in order to guarantee uniqueness of the keys in a merged sections list:

foreach (var department in departments) { TimelineUnit section = new TimelineUnit(string.Format("department-{0}", department.Id), department.Title, false);// defines the header of the folder timeline.AddOption(section); section.AddOptions(department.Rooms.Select(r => new TimelineUnit(r.Id, r.label)));//'Rooms' in the name of model data table }

Thanks that fixed the problem with not being able to open/close a folder when it is clicked. However, when the page loads, the folder is always open, regardless of whether I pass false or true as a parameter in the TimelineUnit().

we’ve confirmed a bug, tree timeline sections are always rendered in the opened state. We plan to release the update tomorrow, the fix will be included

Thanks for the update.