Tree not loading and browser console showing XML Parsing Err

I’m using dhtmlxSuite_v51 for my project and I want load a tree from XML.
Using JS, I initialized the tree it seems fine but on my JSP page the tree is not loading.
Please see the code below,


var tourTree; function loadTourTree(){ tourTree = new dhtmlXTreeObject('tourListTree','100%','100%',0); tourTree.setImagePath(applicationPath+"/common/tools/dhtmlxSuite_v51/codebase/imgs/dhxtree_material"); tourTree.enableSmartXMLParsing(true); tourTree.enableCheckBoxes(true); tourTree.enableSmartXMLParsing(true); tourTree.enableTreeLines(true); tourTree.enableDragAndDrop(true); tourTree.parse(tourXml,"xml"); }

 var tourXml = '<s:property value="tourXml" />';  //loads from java struts model




Error in browser consile

Please help…

You need to load the xml in the supporting format: … attemplate