Tree.onClick event


I have a tree on my page, constructed and populated as follows:

function doInitTree() {

tvHistory = new dhtmlXTreeObject(document.getElementById(‘tvHistory_container’), “100%”, “100%”, 0);

tvHistory.height = document.getElementById(“hiddenTreeHeight”).value;


var clientID = document.getElementById(“hiddenClientID”).value;

var historyTree_xmlFile = “xmlFiles/” + clientID + “_historytree.xml”;


tvHistory.attachEvent(“onClick”, GetLocationFromTree);

This function is called once the xmlfile is available.

My problem is the “onClick” event, this fires for each line in the xmlfile, while the file is being rendered. If I change the event to “onDblClick” the event then fires as expected, on the doubloe click.

I would not expect the “onClick” to fire when the grid is being populated. Can you advise what is wrong.

Many Thanks

Which attributes you are using for items in XML?
If items in XML has “call” attribute - it will generate “onClick” event during loading. ( you need not such attribute to just allow normal onClick event )

Great, perfect answer, problem now resolved.

Many Thanks