Tree: Search & Editable Items


i faced out the following problem:

if i have a tree with editable item and a search field for tree search (as like in the samples), the tree shows the following


1) Searching for the first time: the tree finds the item and opens the right node. All fine.

2) Pressing the search button again (stupid users does such things): the tree interprets this, that the item will be edited

I have used the onEditHandler to investigate, if the user can edit the item or not. Not all items should be editable. In this case

i bring up an error popup. Now the error popup comes, if the user presses the search button twice.

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Which method you are using for item searching?

Tree has two methods - findItem and findItemIdByLabel
first one selects found item and fire onClick event for it, which will cause switching to edit mode if “single-click edit” enabled

Second possible scenario, if user uses enter key for search button pressing, after first pressing focus will be moved in tree and if keyboard-navigation enabled for the tree it will threat second enter key pressing as “call” command for the item in tree, which will call onClick event in tree as in first scenario.

You can disable edit start from single click by using



i know both methods, but i don’t know why, the method findItemIdByLabel doesn’t find any items. It seems, that it doesn’t react. The mothod findItem instead does find my items.




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The findItemIdByLabel return Id of item, but not mark it in tree.
The common use-case is the next

var id = tree.findItemIdByLabel(some);
if (id) {
tree.selectItem(id,false); //select without call
tree.focusItem(id); //adjust scroll to make item visible


it works :slight_smile: Thank you very much! In addition, i need only one Search button (no search next).


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