Tree setDragBehaviour problem


I am implementing the drag and Drop functionality in a multi layer tree.
We have purchased the pro version, which is needed for this to work ( my test page does not)
How can I tell whether the version I am running is the pro version or an old standard version from my early trial days. I want to be able to tell whether at some stage I have the versions confused.
Looks like it could be dumb mistake on my part!!

You can check what version of dhtmlxTree you are using when you look at your .js file header

Have now ensured that I am using the pro version - it is v2.6 purchased REF#373943565 in April 2011.
I assume that setDragBehaviour is a v3 function as it still will not run in the v2.6 pro version.
What is the upgrade procedure?

The correct spelling of the method is setDragBehavior(). … agbehavior

Thanks Olga
Well spotted
A stupid typo - the difference between the two different English languages.
It works perfectly now and is just the action I required.