tree.setXMLAutoLoading -- In which filename does it expect

I am trying to feed automatically my treeview with the command tree.setXMLAutoLoading.

I am wondering if this command expect the results to be in a specific filename before dynamically loading my second level of my treeview.

ex: tree.loadXML(“tree.xml”);        


This commands should load my treeview with the content of tree.xml file and once the user demands a second level in my treeview

it should react on the setXMLAutoloading which calls an .aspx . In my ASPX where should I save the second level data . Is it still in the same tree.xml …Please I need help on this … Thank you

You need just output the XML data<% Response.ContentType=“text/xml” %><%Response.Write "<item… �There is no need to save it to some temporary file - just output it as normal HTML page. ( but with XML content type )