tree.setXMLAutoloading() is called when it shouldn't

Have a look at this code:



getParentChildren() gets called when a parent node is exapnded and its children are not loaded yet, fair enough.

However, I got into a stuation in which getParentChildren() returned subtree with mutiple levels. When you try to expand the sub-tree it also tries to call getParentChildren() although the children hav ebeen loaded already!

In other words. We have have a tree with say three levels. We display the first level, the user clicks on a node in the first level to expand it we get TWO levels back (not one). So we don’t need to go back and bring level 3. When expaning level 2 node it should open any way without calling the XML autoloading, but currently it tries to call teh server any way.



Please check XML which returned from server when you expanding level 1 item, if item contains child sub-items, it must not contain “child” attribute ( because such attribute marks branches which need to be fetched from server )

Also, please try to disable smartXMLParsing mode if it was used.

If problem still occurs for you - please send used js code and XML response for first level items to ( because problem can’t be reconstructed with default samples )