tree.sortTree is not a function


I’m working with v.2.5 build 090904 and I’m getting a javascript error when calling the method sortTree of dhtmlxtree. With firebug I can see the following detail of this error:

“tree.sortTree is not a function”

Is this method available? Is something wrong in the way that I’m calling it?

tree.loadXML(“Java servlet URL”, function(){tree.sortTree(0,“asc”,1)});



sortTree method requires using special extension that is available only in PRO edition.

Thanks for your reply Alexandra!
I have dhtmlxSuite_v25_pro_90904 version. Is this one of the versions that has the method available? Do I have to add a reference to an especial js file?

Sorry Alexandra. It’s on the documentation: dhtmlxtree_sb.js is needed.
Its working ok now.
Thanks again