Tree timeline click on td expand whole row

When i click the area of the calendar, it expands the whole row in the tree timeline, instead of creating an event. cannot even drag to create event also

Hello @Ian_Pee ,

By default, clicking on the folder row in the treetimeline closes/opens the row, you can check this behavior in this sample:

If you want to create/delete/drag events in folder row, you can set the folder_events_available: true config:'Tree'%20mode%20only.%20By%20default%2C%20false

like follows:

  section_autoheight: false,
  name: "timeline",
  x_unit: "minute",
  x_date: "%H:%i",
  x_step: 30,
  x_size: 24,
  x_start: 16,
  x_length: 48,
  y_unit: elements,
  y_property: "section_id",
  render: "tree",
  folder_dy: 30,
  dy: 60,
  folder_events_available: true

Here is a demo:

Screencast of difference(folder_events_available - true/false):

If it’s not your case, could you please provide more details on what if the issue and how to reproduce it, or reproduce it on your own in the snippet above(open the snippet => reproduce the issue => click the “Save” button => post here anew link)?

Thanks @Siarhei, yes i chanegd the folder_events_available in my config to true and it works ok now.