TreeGrid 2.1 : Can Each Node level have a unique Style?

We’re using TreeGrid 2.1 to create a 3-tier dataset (i.e. Country, State, City)

Is it possible to assign a specific Font Style (Weight, pointsize) to a specific tier within the DHTMLgrid.CSS rather than declaring the style within the XML file ?? (we’d like to keep the XML file small since the data set is quite large to begin with).

I’ve been reviewing the documentation on the Treegrid but can’t seem to spot that functionality.

Can it be done?



Unfortuanalety dhtmlxgrid.css file doesn’t consist styles for the each level. It consist style for the whole grid. If you need to change style for the specific row or cell you shoud attach class name to it. Please see more information about grid appearance here … _cust_skin