TreeGrid and key capture (attach event)

I have several treeGrids (//v.1.6 build 80512) which fail to recognize key-press events until AFTER an edit event (a double click).

Even row selection (single click) doesn’t help.

I know the key-press isn’t being seen because keyboard navigation doesn’t work and if I attach a keyPress event handler, that too fails to fire.

Any thoughts on what might be stopping the event bubble-up?

Kevin Cook

Logical Marketing

Grid hears the key events on document level, if you have any kind of container between grid and document, which catch key-events ( keypress and keydown ) - the grid may not receive them.

If problem occurs only in IE , please try to add next line to grid’s init


The grid is enclosed in a dhtmlxLayout, so perhaps that is part of the problem.
I have since found that if I disable drag/drop, the key-press is seen even if the grid is inside the Layout

And I have other grids contained in the same dhtmlxLayout which are able to hear the key-press.  These grids do not have drag/drop enabled. 
When I remove the drag/drop enabled grid from the layout container, the keypress is seen. 

The problem clearly occurs only when drag/drop is enabled on a grid inside a layout container.

These behaviors are identical in FF and Chrome.
IE has never shown the keypress problem.

Problem still can’t be reconstructed - workign sample of grid inside layout with d-n-d enabled sent by email.

If issue still occurs - please provide any kind of sample , where problem can be reconstructed.