treegrid cells call resulting in too much recursion

If have 6 treegrids with 5/6 working just fine. Using dhtmlx 4.6.1 Enterprise

The sixth is resulting in a too much recursion error on cells/cells2/cellById/cellByIndex calls.

simple treegrid defined identical to others…

    tg.setInitWidths("30,*,180,180,150"); //set column width in px
    tg.setColAlign("right,left,center,center,center"); // columns are set separately from header...
    tg.setColTypes("ch,tree,html,html,html"); //set column types
    tg.enableEditEvents(false, false, false, false, false);

I’ve tracked it down to the following code:

dhtmlXGridObject.prototype.startFastOperations = function(){
this._disF=[“setSizes”,“callEvent”,"_fixAlterCss",“cells4”,“forEachRow”, “_correctMonolite”];
for (var i = this._disF.length - 1; i >= 0; i–){
this._disA[i]=this[this._disF[i]]; this[this._disF[i]]=function(){return true};

		var c=this._cellCache[cell._cellIndex]
		if (!c){
   			c.destructor=function(){return true;}
		return c;


In particular _disA[3] is defined as cells4… which results in a recursive call to the same function with the same parameter. Thus the too much recursion error. Even with cells that are empty (a blank string) they result in this error.

Any idea what could result in this situation?

btw, html is handled by the following:

// Define custom style for dhtmlx grid cell
function eXcell_html(cell) { // excell name is defined here
if (cell) { // default pattern, just copy it
this.cell = cell;
this.grid = this.cell.parentNode.grid;
this.edit = function() {
}; // read-only cell doesn’t have edit method
this.isDisabled = function() {
return true;
}; // the cell is read-only, that’s why it is always in the disabled state
this.setValue = function(val) {
var title = “”;
// pull out the titles from all elements that may be in this val
var title = “”;

    var matches = val.match(/title='([^\']+)'/g);
    if (matches && matches.hasOwnProperty(length)) {
        for (var ii = 0; ii < matches.length; ii++) {
            title += matches[ii].substr(7, matches[ii].length-8) + "\n";
    if (title == "") {
        title = val.replace(/<br.*>/gi, "\n").replace(/<\/tr>/gi, "\n").replace(/<(?:.|\n)*?>/gm, '');

    this.setAttribute("tooltitle", title);
this.getTitle = function() {
    var tt = this.getAttribute("tooltitle");
    if (!tt || (tt == "")) {
        tt = this.getValue();

// console.log("getTitle: " + tt);
return tt;
eXcell_html.prototype = new eXcell; // nest all other methods from base class

I found the issue that was causing this.

A function that did startFastOperations then stopFastOperations had an error in the instance for this one tab that was calling start twice.

Guess that results in a nasty state.

I would expect that calling startFastOperations should ignore subsequent calls of the same function but it appears it does not.