TreeGrid dataProcessor does not send tree updates?

I have not been able to get treeGrid to send tree updates via dataProcessor, only row updates (id, parent, text, status). When I drag 'n drop, there is no tree information sent. The docs suggest this should happen. ( … uestparams)

Anyone get this to work without writing custom code?

Yes, dp.setUpdateMode(“cell”, true);

Anyone? Does anyone know how to save the order after drag and drop?

This is the expected behavior as the treegrid is the extension of the dhtmlxGrid. So it works similar to the dhtmlxGrid not to the dhtmlxTree.
You may send any required additional data with the update request using the onBeforeUpdate event.
For example:
dp.attachEvent(“onBeforeUpdate”, function(id, action, data){
data.row_index = mygrid.getRowIndex(id);
return true;

That will let me send the new index, but I will need to code everything to update all the other indexes in the database, reload the data, etc…? Is there an example of good way to do this?

You may check the samples in the connector package. the new order of the rows saves successfully automatically after the drag’n’drop without any additional coding.

Is this the sample you’re referring to? … pdatequery

If so, I have added this to my php update handler:

$connector->update(array( "gr_id" => $gr_id, "gr_pid" => $gr_pid, "summary" => $summary, "progress" => $progress, "note" => $note, "row_index" => $row_index ));

This throws error:

Message: Undefined index: dhx_auto_id
File: /dhtmlxConnector/master/codebase/base_connector.php
Line: 843

Anyone have any advice here?

Please, try to use the latest build of the dhtmlxConnector:
Message: Undefined index: dhx_auto_id
File: /dhtmlxConnector/master/codebase/base_connector.php
there is no “dhx_auto_id” variable in the base_connector.php

If the problem still occurs for you please, provide a complete demo, including your server-side code where the problem can be reconstructed.

require 'vendor/connector-php/codebase/db_pdo.php';
require 'vendor/connector-php/codebase/treegrid_connector.php';

$db = new PDO(
    'mysql:host=' . $_SERVER['RDS_HOSTNAME'] . ';dbname=name',

$gridConn = new \TreeGridConnector($db, "PDO");

$update = array(
    "gr_id" => 4,
    "gr_pid" => 1,
    "summary" => "New summary text",
    "row_index" => 1


The problem seems to originate with db_common 412. … n.php#L412