TreeGrid Drag & Drop - Complex Mode

Using 5.0 Pro

I currently have a treegrid with “complex” set. When dragging a record between two records (the black line shows), Is there a way to know when dropping on an existing record or between two records. I need to know so I can update my data showing the proper parent. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


You can get the id of the target row (on which position a dragged on was placed) from the onDrop event:

Thanks sematik,

My issue is I need to know when dropping between two records, not on a target row


You can get all the information on the position of the dropped rows from the onDrop event.

			myTreeGrid.attachEvent("onDrop", function(sId,tId,dId,sObj,tObj,sCol,tCol){
				var par = myTreeGrid.getParentId(sId);
				if (par == tId)  
					console.log("dropped on row")	
					console.log("droppped between the rows")
				return true