TreeGrid, dynamic loading, total_count, getStateOfView


I have a TreeGrid that I want to load with a lot of data, therefore I intend to use dynamic loading.

I return XML on the format:

<?xml encoding="utf-8" version="1.0"?> <rows pos="0" total_count="1000"> <row id="1"> <cell>...</cell> <cell>...</cell> <cell>...</cell> <row id="1_1"> <cell>...</cell> <cell>...</cell> </row> <row id="1_2"> <cell>...</cell> <cell>...</cell> </row> </row> . . . </rows>

Notice that I include the sub rows in the intial data so no dynamic loading is necessary when I open a tree node - only for loading more “pages”.

My problem is that after the data is loaded - if I call getStateOfView() i get a total count which equals my page/window size, not the total count indicated in the XML. The TreeGrid doesn’t indicate more available nodes (the scrollbar isn’t visible) so no further loading of data will be done.

Does the treegrid support this method of loading data?


Forgot to mention - I’m running dhtmlxSuite Professional 4.0.3

Unfortunately such dynamic loading of data is not available in treegrid.
Treegrid supports only the dynamic loading of the child rows. … namic.html

That’s a shame.
How about the sub_grid or sub_row eXcells - would those work?

Could you clarify your question?
Unfortunately it’s not available to make the dynamic loading of the subgrid or a subrow.

Well, we have a very large number of incidents that we want to show in a grid. Every incident has a small number of error codes that we want to display as sub-items (tree/grid/rows etc.)
A tree grid would be the perfect way of presenting it but you are telling me that dynamic loading isn’t an option there.
My second thought was to populate a subgrid or subrow using AJAX when the node is opened but now you’re telling me that subgrid/subrow wont work with dynamic loading either?

I’ve had a look at your code for the dynamic loading and it seems it is deciding the current visible rows (and therefore what rows needs to be loaded) by looking at a global row buffer - that buffer is also populated with the rows from tree nodes so the calculation gets messed up. Separate buffers for main/tree-nodes would fix it