treegrid enableMultiLineItems cause linebreak in lines betw


I’m using treegrid with enableMultiLineItems options enabled.

When text in top node splits into two or more lines lines betweeen [+] nodes will have white space there.

Is it bug, by design and how it can be fixed ?


Could you please send us screenshot where this issue occurs.

Sure, here it is.

Yes, multiline mode breaks tree lines. Unfortunately, there are no ways to change this behaviour. In this case tree lines should be disabled:


The same approach is used in the sample dhtmlxTree/samples/appearance/pro_multi_line.html

Okay, thanks for clarification.

Is there some workaround available to still have this lines without breaks in multiline mode? (special modification to source code is acceptable also)


Unfortunately, there isn’t any workarround. The only way is to disable lines at all.

Okay, thanks!