TreeGrid encoding

i use the TreeGrid and load the content from xml, everything works fine

but when i test it with special characters, they seem to be not encoded correctly

(i don’t want any html-code to be executed within grid-display but just display the text)

example 1:

i have a cell with a special string “test” inside; now i encode html-encode it within xml so that the content is displayed correctly within the cell; but when i now enter editmode, it displays “test” within the editor-textbox

how can i make the editor to work correctly or how can i make the cells to encode the html?

example 2:

i have a combobox-columneditor with a special string “test”, when i html-encode the option values in xml, the option-values are displayed as “test” but the selected result is “test”, as i want; if i do not encode the options, the options are displayed as “test”, but the selected result is written back as bold “test”

how can i make the cell write back the encoded value or are there functions/flags/properties that handle that functionality?


  1. This is expected behavior. In the edit mode grid displays all data which was passed from xml including all html elements. You can change that behavior by implementing custom eXcell type. Please find more information here … l_creation
    2. Can you please provide any kind of sample where we can reproduce it?