TreeGrid: Expand not working on the filtered row


I have a treegrid in which the expanded data is being fetched dynamically & is not defined in the first level data file (using dhxGrid.kidsXmlFile = ).
I also have filter applied on few columns of the grid.

If i filter the data such the filtered data has a row containing child rows, then clicking of the expand icon (+ symbol) does not fetch the child rows.

But, if i have expanded & fetched the data of child rows, & i collapse back & then filter the rows, clicking on the expand icon properly displays the child rows (as they are already fetched).

Could you please verify this issue & provide us a patch or fix for this issue?

Vibhav Agrawal

Actually it is expected use-case, in filtered state grid blocks the branches content of which can’t be filtered.

There is a patch , which allows loading of such branches. If you need it - please open a ticket at