TreeGrid in Angular 15 using dhx-suite - 8.3.0


I am trying to create a TreeGrid using angular. I have installed the dhx-suite and a Grid works fine for me. But when I try to create TreeGrid I get an error in the console

dhx_suite__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_0__.TreeGrid is not a constructor

this.treeGrid = new TreeGrid(this.containerTreeGrid.nativeElement, {
columns: [
{ id: “name”, header: [{ text: “Name” }], gravity: 1.5 },
{ id: “native”, type: “string”, header: [{ text: “Native name” }], gravity: 1.5 },
{ id: “capital”, type: “string”, header: [{ text: “Capital” }] },
{ id: “currency”, type: “string”, header: [{ text: “Currency” }] }
data: this.dataset,
autoWidth: true,

Please help.



Most probably you are using the STD (non PRO) sources of the dhx.Suite in your app, as the TreeGrid component is available in PRO version only.