Treegrid Indent shown incorrectly


The treegrid is initialized as:
var mytreegrid = new TreegridDHX(null, {
data: datatreegrid,
autoWidth: true,
columns: [
id: “orgname”,
header: [{ text: “部门名称” }],
id: “lighted”,
header: [{ text: “启用功能” }],
type: “boolean”,

The loaded data is: datatreegrid.json (1.5 KB)

The result is not correct, as shown below:


Thank you for your report. The problem is confirmed and will be fixed in the next dhx.Suite update.


Your reported problem was finally fixed in the 7.3 dhx.Suite update.
You can check it in the following snippet:
Please, try to download the latest available dhx.Treegrid/Suite build to get that fix