TreeGrid Javascript Error --> z has no properties

Hello there!

I am just updating one of my applications from DHTML Professional Version 1.4 to Version 2.0.

But i get a strange error which did not occur using 1.4 version. After i have initialized a TreeGrid and the XML-Response is sent, Firebug says “z has no properties”, IE says “‘childs’ is null or not an object”.

I tried to figure it out for hours now, but i just do not see whats wrong. Were there significant changes how you have to respond XML-Content from Version 1.4 to Version 2.0?

Or what could be wrong else?

Thx in advance!

The only thing which changed in XML processing of treegrid from version 1.4 is that ID == 0 reserved for the virtual root item. If you are using such ID for some item in TreeGrid it can cause an issue.
If issue still occurs for you - please provide a sample of problematic XML