TreeGrid kid xml generetion in aspx


i have some problem with your component.

i gen kid file in

mygrid.kidsXmlFile = “UserAuditeeTreeGenXML.aspx”;

but loading of page finished before page_load finished that is why in the page i saw previous xml generated file not for current branch.

that is the trouble? how to solve it?

Sorry, but I still not understood what problem is.

The url set by mygrid.kidsXmlFile called each time when branch loaded, it may be after main page loading or in moment when main page still in loading process ( if branch opened while main page not loaded yet ) Basically this must not cause any problems - those are different scripts, I not see how loading time can cause incorrect results.

Basically if you need to prevent kids script calls while page not fully loaded - you can move grid initialization code in onload event of page.