treegrid lines

This applies to both treegrids and trees…

When I have lines with a height greater than the default of 20 pixels, and (optional in the case of treegrids) have treelines turned on, they don’t automatically fill the row. Instead, I see the line icon in the middle of my row with no connection to the row above or below!

When I have used tree widgets from the web before, they were smart enough to create very tall line icons (e.g. 200 pixels height and 10 pixels width), and then uses html / javascript to center the icon (so you always get the branch / + / - part in the middle) and trim the height to the row height!

What am I doing wrong with dhtmlx treegrid / trees - it looks pretty ugly with rows that in my case vary between 40 - 60 pixels!

TreeGrid wasn’t purposed for “lined” mode with custom row height.
Unfortunately there is no way to have custom height of the rows and correct lines between items in current version.