Treegrid not visible

If I try:

var myGrid = new dhtmlXTreeObject(“treegrid”,“100%”,“100%”,“root”);

  myGrid.loadXML("myfile.xml", function () {
   document.getElementById("hide_message").style.display = 'none';

everything is ok. But if I attach the div to a layout cell using


no treegrid is visible - also no errormessages are visible.

What could be wrong.

If you need to attach your grid/treegrid to a layout you need to use the attachGrid() method: … hgrid.html


is there an example??

I don´t understand how to reference to my treegrid.

I´ll try this:

var myGrid = main_layout.cells(“b”).attachGrid(“100%”,“100%”);

then myGrid is undefined ???

Here you can find a working example: … egrid.html



Is there a more detailed description about the format of loaded XML?

basic example showing the main principals can be found here: … n.html#xml
a more detailed example you can find in the dhtmlxGrid tutorial: … #xmlformat