TreeGrid + paging

We have tried using paging on a tree grid, in the first page it worked well, but from the second page the tree didn’t work right: Child nodes were opened but they were unable to close.

According to your post from March, paging is not supported in TreeGrid:


dhtmlxTreeGrid supports all basic level functionality of dhtmlxGrid, but there are some methods which are not supported in treegrid:

- paging related method

- smartRendering related methods

- method designed specially for plain grid ( such as moveRowUp)


Is it still relevent? Are you going to enable paging in the future? Or is there a different reason why paging doesn’t work well with tree grid?

This is still actual, there is no serious technical problems to add paging functionality to tree-grid as well, but concept of paging doesn’t work well for hierarchical structure ( expanding|collapsing elements will change count or rows on current page, which will cause to page count changing, page can start from not top level item and other similar logical problems )