[treegrid] Parent Sum with coro column

I’ve built a treegrid feed with a xml containing several rows which contains themselves one or more sub-rows.

One of the column is a read only simple combo box excell type (coro), filled with differents numericals values (2,4,12…).

I would like to have a sum for each parent row

So I used, as I’ve read, math calculation by modifiying my type declaration for this column :


Unfortunatly, although I’ve now correct calculation in the parent cell row, I lost combo box edition on sub cell rows.

Instead, I have now regular text editor where I can put any value, which is not good for me as values have to be protected.

Any quick work around ?

Thanks for your interest.

Problem confirmed and fixed. To get updated js files - please contact us directly at support@dhtmlx.com and provide your ref. number