Treegrid->render_array() doesn't work

I tried the render_array() in treegrid, but it runs recursively and never comes out of TreeRenderStrategy->render_set() in strategy.php. It is always processing the first record in the 2-D array.
The phpconnector version is 1.5, and also the latest on gitHub.
My code looks like below:

$data = array( array("id"=>1, "fid"=>0, "name"=>"top"), array("id"=>2, "fid"=>1, "name"=>"sub") ); require(DHTMLXCONNPHP . "/treegrid_connector.php"); $treegrid = new TreeGridConnector(); $config = new GridConfiguration(); $treegrid->enable_log(); $treegrid->render_array($data, "id", "name", "", "fid");

This problem remains, also in tree->render_array().

Any friends came across the same problem?

It seems that in this recursive method, the data never moves forward so that the process continues endlessly without coming out, according to the debug stack.


It turns out that files ver 1.5 on page for download is not the latest.
I replaced them with the files on github, then it works.