TreeGrid serialization error


I’m trying to use the serialization() call on my TreeGrid to produce an XML representation of the grid - when I call it I get a pop up dialog saying:

Error type: Incorrect cell type: undefined

description: undefined

I also see a " ‘cell’ is null or not an object" error message in my browser.

My TreeGrid columns are defined as:


I have tried setting the serializeLevel as:

setSerializationLevel(true, true, true, true, false, true);

I’m assuming that the problem is I have some cells that contain a null value - is that true, and if so, is there any way around this? If this is not the problem have you any ideas what else the problem could be?

I understand I may be a bit vague with my question and information here so please let me know if I can help with any other information. I am using the Professional version.

Thanks for any help.

The XML I use to sucessfully populate the grid is below - I have tried just loading the grid and doing a serialize straight away as well as loading the grid, doing some editing, and then serilaizing. serializeToCSV also has the same problem.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='iso-8859-1'?>GAMEGAME_TC169IPV4COS2IPV4lpv4 Addrlpv4 subnetportslpv4 Addrlpv4 subnetports1Permit80135.56.34.23255.255.0.0514-516135.56.76.23255.255.0.0514-516510IPV6lpv6 addr/prefixportslpv6 addr/prefixports

I’m assuming that the problem is I have some cells that contain a null value
Problem caused by colspan used in your grid.
Please be sure that your grid initialization code has
If problem still occurs for you please contact us directly at we will provide an updated file, which will resolve issue ( you can try to update to latest TreeGrid build, it already contains fix for serialization data with colspans )

>>serializeToCSV also has the same problem.
TreeGrid can’t be serialized to CVS, this format works for plain grids only