Treegrid serialization in 1.4 - Changed rows only

I just read in this post: … =567&a=546
In case of treeGrid - situation is more complex, treeGrid serialization result must contain the correct parent-child structure, but in case of “only-changed” serialization - only changed rows must be in result xml, because those two instructions confict with each other. The serialization of only-changed rows in case of treeGrid works not good. The oncoming version of grid 1.4 will have more strict hierarchy and will work correctly in described case. If you need fix ASAP - I can provide some kind of workaround - but it is still not universal.

I need to only serialize the changed rows in my 1.4 treegrid. I just tested it, and appears that no rows are returned. I’m also running in split mode.

        grid.setSerializationLevel(false, false, false, true, true);