TreeGrid serversite paging


I am successfully using the grid with server site paging, so I tried to change it to treegrid but now the paging is not working anymore. The posStart and count values are not send. I took the same code as the one from the normal grid and only changed the things I have to change to get a treegrid.

Everything seems to be alright. Also everything looks like the tutorials but iIonly get the first 100 elements of my data. (Initial limit is 100)
The first 100 rows are also paged the right way but I cannot get past the last page.

Is paging not working with server and treegrid? There will be about 50000 rows, so I really neet it :slight_smile:

Thank you!

The only way to use dynamic loading in TreeGrid is to load child nodes dynamically. Please find tutorial here … n_treegrid

Is server side paging available in Tree Grid now?

(Your answer is 1 year old so confirming?)

Unfortunately no updates.

Is server side paging working in TreeGrid (version 3.6 ) ?

Thank you !

The dynamic loading in the treegrid is still the same and we’re not planning to change it in the near time.