TreeGrid [=sum] and filters problem


I have a treegrid with subsumes calculated by [=sum] feature.

But, when I add filter on data the subsums are not being updated.

I try to call:

treegrid .callEvent(“onGridReconstructed”,[])

… after filtering but with no success

How can I force [=sum] cell recalculation?

Unfortunately there is no clear way to trigger math recalculation.

You can try to add the next code
return true;

as side effect, it will double call any code attached to onXLE event , but will recalculate all “=sum” math in treegrid

I try to call onXLE but this solution has an issue - aflter onXLE content of filter fild are cleared (but filter exists).

So, I find other way:

            for (var i=0;i < this._aggregators.length;i++){
                if (this._aggregators[i]) this._h2.forEachChild(0,function(el){
                    if (el.childs.length!=0){
                        var ed=this.cells(,i);
            return true;

and this one works just fine