TreeGrid: The last child node opens automatically


I am using TreeGrid – v.3.0 build 110707

The TreeGrid is working OK, but there is a peculiar behavior I am observing.

When I open a parent node by clicking the plus sign, I get all the children under that node. But if there are say 5 children for the node, the 5th child node automatically opens.

And sometimes this behavior is resulting into JS error saying [on IE7]:

Error type: LoadXML
Description: Incorrect XML

When I look into the server side I see requests for parent node and then immediately following that a request for the last child node. And this somehow results into a race condition causing the JS error.

Anyway to fix this so that child nodes do not automatically open/load…?


Please check that you have no dublicating ids for an items.
Also try to open your xml in the browser to check if it has no any errors.

If issue still occurs please provide any kind of sample.