TreeGrid - using only the tree


I have a sort of a weird question:

I have the TreeGrid and my question is if I can use it as a Tree component as I get that the TreeGrid is a combination of Tree and Grid components, so is tehre any flag I can use to use TreeGrid as a Tree or I must purchase the Tree component?

Thanks, Efrat

I don’t think there’s such a flag. In spite of similarity of their natural logic Tree and TreeGrid have completely different object structure implementation in code because they serve absolutely different functionality. But you can simulate tree behavior with TreeGrid using its methods (i.e. initialize one column grid). That would be a bit more complicated to achieve Tree behavior with TreeGrid, but instead you will get rich functionality of treegrid component.
Decision to buy Tree Pro or to use Standard version shall based on your needs in extended functionality of Tree component.
Here you may find the comparison of its features in both versions: … ions.shtml

Let Dhtmlx Support Team correct me if I’m wrong.