TreeGrid with fixed header, scrollable content


I’m using the enterprise version of TreeGrid Pro. What I’d like to do is render the table in a fixed place on the page, with a vertical scrollbar appearing for the table contents if they don’t all fit on the page. This is so the user can scroll right down to the end of the table, but still see the headers at the top of each column. Is this possible?


Defautl tree grid mode is nearly exactly the same as your requirements - the header show at the top, and all other data has independent scroll if necessary .
>>don’t all fit on the page

By default tree grid uses fixed sizes, but it can be changed by next command

    grid.enableAutoHeight(true);    // grid will resize to show all data
    grid.enableAutoHeight(true,“500”,true); // grid will resize to show all data but no more than 500px

If you need to create a grid with the same size as parent container ( auto resizable with window )


This works perfectly! Thanks for the quick answer.