TreeGrid with SplitAt causing setItemImage issue.

When using splitAt(3) with my treegrid , setItemImage is not changing the image I can see on the left side of my grid, but its actually changing a hidden image that dhtmlx draws to the right side of the split.

first included file shows my grid after loaded. spit is after “Line Item Number” column
is used to draw an open folder on the left side of the grid.

following code is used to handle the clicking of the node. it works because i can see the hidden copy of the image changing using firebug:

    if (mode==1)
        planLines.setItemImage(nodeId, "./images/folder-open.gif");
        planLines.setItemImage(nodeId, "./images/folder.gif");
    return true;

I can step into the setItemImage dhtmlx javascript code when this is called and its correctly setting the url.

second included file is html using firebug. you can see the second hidden image that dhtmlx draws. when clicking the node arrow i can see this hidden copy of the folder image changing from folder-open.gif to folder.gif.

My assumption is that dhtmlx implements splitAt() by making a hidden copy of the columns before the split. the issue appears that setItemImage is changing the wrong thing in memory. its changing the hidden copy instead of the visible column before the split.

another thing splitAt() also breaks is row coloring on the left side of the split after the first sort of the grid.

3rd file is a screen shot after grid load where you can see the child nodes background colors stretch all the way across the grid. near the bottom right of the image is a screen shot after sorting any grid column. the background color only persists after the splitAt().

I’m also encountering other issues due to splitAt() but I will save those for later posts.

any help greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately the issue cannot be reconstructed locally.
Please, provide any kind of sample of your code to reconstruct the issue, or a complete demo where the issue can be reconstructed.