I’ve seen in the documentation that it was possible to merge cells in a treegrid, but i can’t see an example.

What we are looking for is a treegrid with @ the deepest level, an item on just one cell.

For example the three grid is made of 5 column, if i expand until the deepest level, there should be one line with just one cell (merging the 5 columns) in which we would like to attach the editor. Would it be possible???


Yoann Maingon


You can merge cell in treeGrid as well as in Grid. Example is available here and provide you ref. ID.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I was asking about merging cells on the same line, not on the same column.

I attached a picture of what we need.


Yes, colspans can be used grid and treegrid. … lspan.html

- add enableCollSpan(true) to the init
- use colspan attribute in xml or setColspan command after data loading.