I’m using treegrid split mode with the manual update mode dataprocessor.
The browser is IE 7.
I got JS err “childs is null or is not an object” when I delete rows that is newly inserted.
Deleting rows from load XML is okay, deleted row is marked with line-through.

Following is the updated sample-code :

Unforutnately we cannot reproduce this issue locally. What version of dhtmlxGrid do you use?


The version of the dhtmlxTreeGrid is v2.5 build 090904.

Could you test add/delete rows in TreeGrid using SplitAt function and the manual DataProcessor mode ?
I guess  that there is an mark/unmark problem in the right side of split.

Following is dataprocessor_debug log:
 row 1256023171676 marked [inserted,valid]  ----- Line 1
 row 1256023171676 unmarked [updated,valid]  ----- Line 2
 row 1256023194648 marked [inserted,valid]
 row 1256023197930 marked [inserted,valid]
 row 1256023194648 unmarked [updated,valid]
 row 1256023197930 unmarked [updated,valid]
 row 3.5 marked [deleted,valid]
 row 3.4 marked [deleted,valid]
The rows named '1256… ’ are newly added one.
JS Err ‘childs is null or is not an object’ occurred in Line 2 for the first time.

Thnaks in advance.