TreeSorting not working

I am trying to display data in a treegrid with sorting option. Its not working properly.

what else i can do to fix this issue.

mygrid = new dhtmlXGridObject(‘gridbox’);

        mygrid.imgURL = “customcode/dhtmlxgrid/codebase/imgs/icons_greenfolders/”;








mygrid.enableAutoWidth(true); = “hidden”;




Its not working properly
Could you please describe who doesn’t filtering work?
By default filtering in the TreeGrid affects only the last level of hierarchy (leaf items). This mode can be enabled like this:
Level of filtration can be changed again in the following way:
treegrid.setFiltrationLevel(1); // upmost level has index 0
After this command, filtering uses data from different levels of hierarchy
It is possible to force the TreeGrid to filter data on all levels of hierarchy at the same time in the following way:
To filter by upper level items only you can use: