Trial expired early

You sent me a sample written in VB for Webforms, but it has expired before the 30-days ended. Can it be re-activated?

please try the attachment (801 KB)

I am still getting the same error:
When I click “view details” it says {“Evaluation period has expired”}

Maybe I didn’t update correctly. I removed DHTML.dll and SchedulerAspNetVB.dll from the Bin folder, then added the new ones on the sample you sent.

I forgot to mention that the sample you sent is also giving me the expiration error.

FIXED. Had to reboot the computer, add and remove the DLL’s a couple of times.

in order to replace an assembly in a project you need to refresh the reference to it (find the References item in a Solution explorer) - remove the old reference to dhtmlx.dll and add a new for a new file

Got it working. Thank You.