Trigger event after getting data from source and just before pasting it to calender


    var URL =;





This is how i’m getting my calendar update. But i need to trigger a custom event just after when data is successfully fetched and in the middle when it is going to paste that data in calendar.

Simply my case is…

Data fetched -> ( my custom event ) - > Fetched data updated to calendar

I’ll be grateful.



Try onXLS event


Thanks for the reply… But i have checked and tried this.
But i didn’t worked for my case. May be i’m not putting this in right place.
I’ve tried to bind this before scheduler loads the data…

Can u please tell me a little more about it ? i couldn’t find any nice example for this.


In this case you need to send ajax request to the server manually as it described on the page in the example
Load data from the server, do what you need and then pass to scheduler.parse if you want to load data on the page.


Ok Thanks i will see this.
And can you please tell me is there any proper way to achieve that if i want to check that scheduler have finished its previous Data Call to server or not before sending another one?


If you send several requests, unfortunately there is no way to check state of the request. But you can track requests by creating a flag inProgress for it:

var inProgress = false; 
scheduler.attachEvent("onXLS", function(){ inProgress = true; }); 
scheduler.attachEvent("onXLE", function(){ inProgress = false; });

then check

if(inProgress){ do smth }

If you want just send requests one by one, try to use callback

scheduler.load("url", "json", function() { scheduler.load("anotherUrl", "json"); });