Trouble Instantiating dhtmlXCalendar

I’m attaching calendars to input fields and would like to set them up similarly. Shouldn’t I be able to instantiate a calendar object’s properties like below? The properties aren’t getting set so I must be doing something wrong.

var reservationStartDateTime = new dhtmlXCalendarObject($.extend(
true, {}, $.global.getDefaultCalendarOptions(), {
input : ‘reservation-start-date-time’,
button : ‘reservation-start-date-time-button’

/* Gets dhtmlxCalendar default options. */
getDefaultCalendarOptions : function() {
return {
skin : “dhx_skyblue”,
dateFormat : “%Y-%m-%d %H:%i%a”,
enableTime : false,
weekStart : 7,
minutesInterval : 15

Could you clarify your question, please?

It would be better if you attach completed demo too: … leted_demo