try to load data from database (gantt)

Hi everybody,

today i have download the dhtmlxGantt package and i would like connect my first ant with the database.
As Groundwork i have insert two new articles in the gantt_task and gantt_links table.

I have implemented the code from the guide documentation on client and server side.

client Side:

Server Side

<html TEST <?php

include ("./codebase/connector/db_sqlite3.php");
include ("./codebase/connector/gantt_connector.php");

// SQLite
//$dbtype = “SQLite3”;
//$res = new SQLite3(dirname(FILE)."/samples.sqlite");

// Mysql
$dbtype = “MySQL”;
$res=mysql_connect(“localhost”, “USER”, “PASSWORD”);

$gantt = new JSONGanttConnector($res, $dbtype);

$gantt->render_links(“gantt_links”, “id”, “source,target, type”);


When i try to refresh my website i get a clear gantt form without the articles.
If i try to open the data.php file with domain/data.php

i get this information as output:

{ “data”:[{“id”:“1”,“start_date”:“2015-10-28 00:00:00”,“duration”:“100”,“text”:“Project #1”,“progress”:“10”,“sortorder”:“0”,“parent”:“0”},{“id”:“2”,“start_date”:“0000-00-00 00:00:00”,“duration”:“5”,“text”:“Task #1”,“progress”:“1”,“sortorder”:“0”,“parent”:“1”}], “collections”: {“links”:[{“id”:“1”,“source”:“1”,“target”:“1”,“type”:“1”},{“id”:“2”,“source”:“1”,“target”:“3”,“type”:“1”}]}}

this are the two articles from the database.

Can anybody help?