Trying to get modern look for toolbar with grid

I have finally made the toolbar load and control the grid in paging mode, but I want to implement the modern skin for it.

I cannot seem to get any of the skins to load for toolbar.

How do I do this?

Pertinent code:

function buildTableX() {

    var srcURL = “…/…/agents/c2/agent_c2picklist_json.php?”;

    var pageSize = 5;

    mygrid = new dhtmlXGridObject(‘div_gridbox’);

    mygrid.imgURL = js_dhtmlxGridImgs;

    mygrid.setHeader(“Site, ID, Switch, Unid”);









    mygrid.load(srcURL, “json”);


Can be done only by code modification

dhtmlxgrid_pgn.js , line 378
this.aToolBar = new dhtmlXToolbarObject(this._pgn_parentObj,“dhx_blue”);
can be chaged to any different skin