Trying to implement Paging in Grid

Dear All,

Iam trying to use paging in my application but getting some problem with it…

As iam getting 100 records from the database…and implementing paging on it to show 15 records at a time…

it is giving 100 records on page 1 and 15 records on every other page…

Iam using dis code:


mode - enable;
pageSize - 20;
pagesInGrp - 5;
pagingControlsContainer - “positioning”;
showRecInfo- enable
pagingStateContainer - “resultDhtmlxGridID”.

One of my code is commented …
<%-- use paging
<p:pager items="${resultSize}" index=“half-full” maxPageItems="${pageSize}" url=“” scope=“request”>
<p:param name=“hdCategory”/>
<p:param name=“hdCategoryNameDisp”/>
<p:param name=“hdPartNo”/>
<p:param name=“hdPartName”/>
<p:param name=“hdUOMPurchase”/>
<p:param name=“hdUOMConsumption”/>
<p:param name=“hdUOMConversion”/>
<p:param name=“hdStandardPacking”/>
<p:param name=“hdHSCode”/>
<p:param name=“hdWFID”/>
<tiles:insert definition=“common.pager” flush=“true” />

Please confirm and reply as soon as possible

Thank you

Please check if you are not using Smart Rendering mode. enableSmartRendering() method is ncompatible with enableDistributedParsing and enablePaging methods.

Yes i see my code in a line before i write enablePaging method



Do i have to make Smart Rendering false…

Will dat work for me…

Thank you

You should comment resultDhtmlxGrid.enableSmartRendering(true); line